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        About us
        Corporate culture
        It is an appreciation mirror carved from pure gold, with crystal lenses and a priceless emerald set in the handle. "Beryl-mart" is named after the emerald "BERYL", which refers to the strictest, the most demanding and the highest standard. Beryl-mart is committed to creating and leading home art life with the standard of appreciation mirror.
        • Vision
          Create urban home art life
          Become a leader in the arts and humanities lifestyle
        • Mission
          To popularize qualified, healthy, artistic and harmonious humanistic lifestyle to everyone and every family, thus to shape a better life for every family.
          Beryl-mart is committed to providing consumers with excellent services to select and provide high-quality household products and international lifestyle. We are ready to create economic value and career achievement for customers, employees, partners, shareholders, industry and society with efficient dedication.
        • Values
          Excellence, innovation, gratitude
          Openness, cooperation and win-win
        Business philosophy
        We are ready to take home as the carrier, focusing on the improvement of the quality of life as the core, thus to popularize a sort of artistic and harmonious way of life, eventually create sustainable development of new business. Lead the design with culture, enhance the taste with design
        Business philosophy